05 Oct

Supreme Court Judges

There is a contract between our government and the governed, the contract that is the US Constitution – the supreme law of the land. It is “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” and it is a heck of a lot more then a quote or a jingle for a politician to use. The Constitution is the principle, direction of moral conduct, order, a directive, it is the precept that is included in the Declaration of Independence that helped to inspire our Constitution. It is a phrase that epitomizes the principles employed in the construction of this contract between our government and the governed.
The Supreme Court IMO is made up of a selection of individuals that are to be protectors of our Constitution, the keepers of the flame so to speak. I want these people on the Supreme Court to hold the Constitution higher than politics. Our Founders created it for all the people of the United States not just for those that have the clout, the power, or the lobbyist to get their agenda heard. Politics should never enter in to the arena of our Constitution.
“We the People” should demand a level of excellence for our Constitution’s guards, keepers of the flame……the Constitutional sentinels. They should be individuals that will honor our Founding Fathers and their creation. I want them to be men and women who will weigh, with deep contemplation, all the far-reaching implications of their decisions without deference to pressure from special interests, no matter how noble the cause.
As to the recent pick that our President has chosen. I could care less how long he has known Harriet Miers….I have known some people for a long time (some even family members) that I would not allow them to feed my animals if I were out of town.
I could care less that she gave money to the piece of crap Al Gore. I adored Reagan and he used to be a freaking democrat and for me….President Reagan was the best President in my life time. I believe people can see the light, get a brain and change from being a Democrat to a Republican.
The fact the fact that Harry Reid thinks she is great IS a concern to me…..Hell it scare the s$%^ out of me. Reid is a waste of good air, I have no respect for him at all. (I cleaned that one up as to the words I chose to use because I can’t stand him)
Our nation’s future may very well depend on decisions made today by those we entrust with this duty. It cannot be taken lightly. It cannot be a decision made to avoid the stress of combat from the left, to avoid more controversy, to appease the other side (the Democrats).
I agree with this statement….

“This is a pick that was made from weakness. There was an opportunity here to show strength and confidence, and I don’t think this is it. There are plenty of known quantities out there who would be superb for the court.” – Rush Limbaugh

One of the things I will never understand is this….. we are in power and Bush has won twice and we are in the majority. We do not have to cow tow to the left, kiss up to them and yet time and time again I see this happening. It angers me beyond words. I watch the political talking heads on Sunday mornings and it is ONLY the Republicans that come on and say things like “My friend” so and so (a Republican saying to a Democrat) My Friend? You will NOT hear a Democrat say that…..I never have never heard it !!!!! That is major kissing up and it is NOT necessary.
I don’t like our country to show weakness, our Republican leadership to show weakness, it goes against everything I believe in about America. I want our military to be feared by our enemy and respected by those they fight for. That is why I despise the anti war commies that live in the freedom our military fight for them, but they do not respect our military. I want our country to be feared and respected for our strength as well as our fighting for freedom for others to have freedom in their countries like we enjoy.
If you show you are weak to others, in sports, in chess, in war, as a parent, as a boss, in decision making, if you show weakness to your opponents you give them the upper hand, you encourage them to continue to bully you, to attack you, to take you apart.
But if you stand by your convictions and stay strong, not giving in to be well liked, to avoid confrontation in matters of character, honor and choices you make in life…..many times the bullies soon disappear and give up, the enemy will know how strong you are and know they don’t have a chance. Oh the enemy will still hate you but so what. I would rather be hated by the enemy then be mediocre and wishie washie on things I believe in to try and appease anyone.
So as I said earlier, I want these choices for the Supreme Court to be held higher than politics. Most definitely not choices made to avoid confrontation between parties, or to appease those that show so little regard to our Constitution as the Democrats have done over the years. The Constitution is NOT about politics it is our very bone marrow of what we are about.
I want my President to stand tall in his beliefs, those beliefs that were the ones that caused me to vote for him in the first place. And NOT to cave in to the crowd of agitators and attackers from the left that are trying to wear him down little by little with their constant barrage of lies, innuendo’s and slander over the years. If Bush had stayed strong from day one and not given in to them over these two terms as he has periodically he would not feel the pressure he does now if this is a decision of appeasement.
If you talk the talk then by golly you damn well better walk it.If you get my vote on the premise you will be strong and not weak against those wanting to destroy our Constitution and our freedoms in this country….then you damn well better keep your word, stay strong and not let the anti- American crowd get to you no matter what. Bush was so strong about going after the terrorists, I felt so proud of him, I beamed with pride in our President and in our response to the attacks on us. I have always known President Bush is not, has not been and will never be a true Conservative. The borders etc. have shown me this, his kissing up to the left when I felt it was wrong and not necessary when we are in the majority on several issues.
Our nation’s future depends on decisions made today by those we entrust with this duty for the Supreme Court. This decision must be made from strength not weakness for someone that will put our Constitution first and foremost. If Meirs was so strong so right for this position, this country, those of us that are political junkies……well my bet is we would have heard of her before now and would already be impressed. As for me, I am NOT impressed and right now I am extremely disappointed and hell I am furious!

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