25 Sep

What Happened To Honor !! ?? !!

Sounding off here, so get your cigs, light up, pour a cold one…
I just don’t get it!
How does a person live with themselves when they have knowledge of traitors like John Kerry and still feel it is acceptable for such a person to run for ANY office in this land. I mean… after what he has done in his life and you can add to that ole Bill Clinton as well. Draft dodger! And to sit in the Oval office, be President of the USA and all those “gates” up the wazzu that he and Hillary had VERY much to do with. Yep, it is a real shocker for this politically conservative girl.
What happened to honor? What happened to high character? OH I see it with some men and women, men like my husband and others, but… the ole yeh BUT what about soooooo many NOT having it. NOT being honest instead of corrupt! So many NOT taking the high road. You can’t buy honor, it is not for sale. It comes from within, a part of a person’s makeup, tissue, atoms.
The out of control, UN-American, PRO Saddam, Pro death to Americans and death to our troops peaceniks!
You guessed it bucko, I dearly wish they would go away, go live in a country that is more suited to their socialist/Communist low life standards. Teachers letting kids out of school to protest the war in Iraq. Teachers doing this with kids to get them to protest. Unbelievable! Little Johnny can’t read, but by golly he can be used by his socialist minded teacher to promote her agenda against America!
I got an email from a wife of a Marine that is over “there.” It was to let everyone know she had received a letter of being careful about having a deployment candle in her window. And not to have stickers on her car that let anyone know she is the wife or relative or loved one of someone serving now. In her same letter she stated not only does she plan to keep the candle going 24/7, but plans on adding stickers to her car that show she is a wife of a Marine, and a supporter of our troops. And a yellow ribbon to the tree in front of their home.
Is there a difference in someone like Jane Fonda and these people?
It depends, Fonda should have been executed for treason for the death of our guys. IMO
But let’s look at the impact these people have because of the media. They may not all be running off to Iraq or to Afghanistan to kiss up to Saddam and the al-queda, but CNN, MSNBC, etc. go to those countries. During Vietnam there was no CNN or Fox News or MSNBC. We only had the alphabet networks, and they did their own kind of damage.
Thousands upon thousands of men and women have served my country and thousands have died to give me my freedom. Each and every one of them Americans! And when it comes to a war called Vietnam, those who served from my land did the right thing. They fought to keep communism from spreading. Spreading one day to our very shores.
Yes it is here now and has seats in both Houses in government, and I hate that. Those men and women that went and fought in Vietnam did it with such honor and duty to country I will love them with all that is in me. Just as I respect and love their patriotism the troops today, fighting terrorist in Iraq.

I want this war to be done quickly. But I also do not want it to be a war that is not finished, a war undone with lives of our men and women brought back knowing it was not run by the military but by politicians and peaceniks and polls. I don’t want the lives we have already lost at Kandahar, Kuwait, Iraq and other places to be on a wall and our goals in this war not accomplished.