People are talking and I can't take my ears off you


As far as I am concerned this man leads the way.......



The morning I heard him for the first time,
I thanked God that sanity had come to talk
radio. He is passionate about what he speaks
about and is helpful in telling the listeners where
they can go to read the many articles etc. he discusses. 
Few talk show hosts do this, they mention or read and 
article and never tell us where it is to go to ourselves.
Thank you Rush ! Thank you for how you think and your 
wonderful sense of humor along the way.
Wild Thing


Rush Limbaugh “You think they're on your side?
If you knew what they really think of you, if you knew...
Why is it they only go to the pancake house once a
year in Iowa?
Because that's where you are.
Why do they only go duck hunting with other Democrat
Because they don't want to go with real hunters.
Everything is phony. Everything is spin. Everything is
a photo-op, and it's all designed to fool people.
There's no authenticity with these people. There's no
genuineness from these people. There's nothing these
days but rage and hatred and anger. There is no optimism.
There doesn't even appear to be any appreciation for the
greatness of this country and its potential. There's only
doom and gloom in their future as they look forward.
How can anybody want to associate with this?
How can anybody?
I've never known a crowd to gather -- well, that's not true.
I have known lots of crowds to gather around a bunch
of negative nabobs.
There's something about negativism that's much easier 
than being positive, and there are a bunch of losers in 
life who will rather hear other people  blamed for their 
problems than facing their own. 
But I tell you, it becomes a head-scratcher to try to 
figure out how in the world reasonable people knowing 
one-tenth of what there is to know about John Kerry 
would even consider voting for this guy -- 
and I'm going to tell  you what. I don't think most 
people are voting for this guy, period. I think 
they're voting because there's a Democrat on the ballot. 
They're voting because there's a Democrat on the ballot 
and because they  are irrational in their hatred for Bush, 
and Kerry just happens to be their vessel.


A guy that never makes mistakes, a guy who never 
says what he said, a guy who never meant what he meant, 
a guy who never felt what he felt? Who is this guy? 

Why does he want to be president?
 He still hasn't answered these questions. 
Because he wants to do things "smarter" in "a more effective" 
way? Than who? How? Is it smarter and more effective for 
U.S. soldiers to die under the banner of the UN? Is it smarter 
and more effective for U.S. soldiers to be drawn forward into 
an International Criminal Court and be tried as war criminals 
because a bunch of Europeans don't like them? 
Is that smarter and more effective? 
Is it smarter and more effective to trust and believe communists 
and dictators and thugs when they make nuclear deals with you, 
and then be surprised later to learn they broke the promise? 
Is that smarter and more effective? Is it smarter and more 
effective to wage a 30, 40-year war against poverty and not 
reduce it? Is that smarter and more effective? Is it smarter 
and more effective to raise taxes on everybody and cause an 
economic slowdown? Is that smarter and effective?

What in the world is smarter and more effective about any 
aspect of liberalism? Zilch, zero, nada. There's not one thing 
smart about it, particularly in today's country or today's climate. 
Today's liberalism portends nothing but danger and ominous 
tones for our future, should they totally gain power back. 
There's nothing smarter or more effective about it, and there 
never has been, and the truth about that is slowly but surely 
effervescing and bubbling to the top -- soon to be boiling over.


Let's never mind the hypocrisy that the 
sick-and-convalescing-but-getting-stronger-every-day Bill Clinton 
gets a flu shot, but for some reason, Dick Cheney gets called on 
the carpet for having one himself. I thought these were people of 
compassion who wanted the sick and the ailing, like Bill Clinton, 
to have flu shots. It's okay for liberal elitists to get flu shots. 
They're important people. Not for anybody else, folks."



Ann Coulter

Ann Coulter is par excellence in writing 
her marvelous books. Her comebacks on 
talk shows are priceless !
She is an amazing person and I admire 
her intelligence and wit very much.
She is another favorite of mine and I always
look forward to reading her books and other 
writings as well as when she appears on the 
political talk shows.
Thank you Ann for all you do.
Wild Thing


 "Yes, vote on November 2nd. Democrats get to vote as 
often as they like, so we should all vote at least once."

"If John Kerry had a dollar for every time he bragged 
about serving in Vietnam – oh wait, he does." 


"But as George Bush said: You are with the terrorists 
or you are with America. Now we're getting a pretty 
clear picture of who is with the terrorists. 
As George Patton said, I like when the enemy shoots 
at me; then I know where the b@stards are and can 
kill them."


"Inconsolable that their pleas to "work through" the U.N. 
did not stop Bush from invading Iraq and deposing 
Saddam Hussein, now all the Democrats are eager for 
the U.N. to get involved so it can wreck the rebuilding 
process. Since we didn't let the U.N. lose the war for us, 
the least we can do is let them screw up the peace." 




Sean Hannity

Dear Sean, this is definitely one of the 
good guys too. His charm, smile and humor
is matched with his intelligent mind.
He does not mince words and I love that.
He can kid with the enemy on his shows
and at the same time get his point across 
in a strong way........wonderful.
Another winner for our side, the side of
truth. Thanks Sean for being there.
Wild Thing

“We have the greatest military 
God ever gave to man.”


“The Dems can’t even admit that 
Uday and Qusay being dead is good.”

“I can’t believe that Libs wake up 
every morning, knock their wooden head, 
and say “I need to pay more taxes.”

“At heart, American conservatives like myself 
are believers in the Constitution. We believe 
that the principles embodied in the Constitution 
are enduring, and that to whatever extent we 
deviate from them we put our liberties at risk. 
Our views are consistent because we believe in 
absolute truths and in the essential soundness, 
even righteousness, of the Founders' vision of 

  “you’ll notice how often my beliefs come back 
to that basic idea: that as Americans we have 
a basic right to enjoy freedom in our lives -- 
including freedom from governmental 
interference. For the first time in generations, 
Americans are now forced to confront an 
immediate and genuine threat to our way of 
life. And for me this is the strongest reason 
that we must win the war on terror: to secure, 
in those unforgettable words, the blessings of liberty.

The conservative vision is that America return to its 
founding principles -- because these principles are 
the pillars of freedom. Without them America will 
not continue to be great; with them there is no 
limit to our future."






There are many good conservative talk show hosts across this land.
People that truly love America and speak out about it each day. I 
thank God for their courage, passion and rightness as they bring
their feelings and information to the vast number of listeners.
   Wild Thing